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Franklyn Medical Services RemoteCareā„¢ Telehealth Service Prices

eRegister Membership Pricing Plan

eRegister is a one-off annual subscription-based membership payable annually.

Membership Fees:

  • The annual subscription fees for single membership is: 50 cedis
  • Couple: 100 cedis
  • Couple and up to 2 children: 175 cedis
  • Couple and up to 4 children: 335 cedis
  • Thereafter, for every child 45 cedis (up to 6)
  • Corporate membership – Please contact our telehealth customer services at: customercare@franklynmedical.com

eConsult & RemoteCare GP Consultation Session Fees

eConsult and RemoteCare GP fees are paid per session.

eConsult Fees:Ā 

Session fees is 125 cedis

RemoteCare Consultation Session Fees:

  • GP Session: 150 cedis
  • Specialist: :250 cedis

Corporate Plans for telehealth services and COVID-19 Employee and Visitor Screening:

  • Please contact Franklyn Medical Telehealth Services for a quotation. customercare@franklynmedical.com


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