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Telehealth Payment Plan

How Does It Work?

We have created flexible payment plans for our clients. Both corporate clients and private clients can subscribe to an annual, six-monthly, or monthly plan or use the pay-per-appointment option.

Additionally, we have plans for a single client, couple to family.

Please note, Franklyn Medical’s RemoteCare telehealth service plans are new and outside your existing plans. To use our telehealth services you must register for membership via eRegistration.

Registration gives you access to the MyRemoteCare Portal. This is the main platform for accessing and booking appointments, getting information and analysis about your consultation, and engaging in eConsult and RemoteCare consultations. You can also submit any COVID-19 screening forms via this portal.

We are personalising the way we deliver care to our clients. Any new telehealth services we develop will also be accessible via the patient portal, including special discounts on initiatives we run throughout the year. eRegister Now

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