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Our Team

Our team of professional doctors, specialists and nurses are certified and approved both locally and internationally.  

We have a team of doctors and nurses working at Franklyn Medical Services who are supported by a pool of specialists.

Each RemoteCare GP consultation and diagnostics session is with an experienced and qualified professional (GP or Specialists).  The eConsult on-demand consultations are also with a GP or experienced Nurse Manager.

A joined-up team delivering excellence for all our clients

For special cases, our newly completed modern in-patient ward at Labone offers our clients a 24*7 service.  When you leave, we continue to work with you in managing your health and well-being at home.  

Better Health Care is Our Mission

We are open from 8:00am to 8:00pm daily including weekends and holidays

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No. 1, 3rd Dade Link, Labone, Accra