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Our Clients

Corporate Telehealth Clients

Franklyn Medical Services RemoteCare Telehealth is a new service we are offering to our corporate clients, embassies and local and international agencies.

We support our corporate clients in a number of ways:

Annual Screening & Check-ups – Corporate clients can compliment their existing screening services or take-up new employee screening/check-ups under our managed telehealth schemes. 

Currently payment for these services are separate from any existing plans and we are working with our corporate clients to identify the best solutions to meet their needs.

Special Sectors – Franklyn Medical Services RemoteCare™ Telehealth is  especially beneficial for our corporate clients in the oil and mining sectors and for banks and embassies and for those with employees and senior management who are frequent travellers.

Emergencies/Fallback Centre for Care – If you are a corporate with your own remote healthcare facility e.g. near your mines or rigs, Franklyn Medical’s RemoteCare Telehealth Services is your ideal referral site for supporting your remote medical team.  We can assist in a number of ways –

a)Our team of experienced professionals can act as your fallback for resource management whenever you require additional support;

b)Franklyn’s medical team can be part of your daily workflow by providing additional resources to compliment you day-to-day healthcare provision for employees;

c)Franklyn Medical’s RemoteCare Telehealth Services team can act as you referral site for all complex cases that need to be referred to a hospital. (information on request).

Franklyn Medical Services RemoteCare™ Telehealth Services can be delivered to your office location, your home, or whiles traveling and away from home or country.

  • We also currently cater for our clients in Nigeria and Ivory Coast, UK and USA.
  • Franklyn Medical Services RemoteCare™ Telehealth for corporates includes eConsult, RemoteCare GP, COVID-19 Employee, and Visitor Screening and RemoteCare™ Outreach (information on request).

Our Private Clients

  • See your doctor in the comfort of your home or office.
  • Whether you are in your place of work or traveling to your village for the weekend, you can have access to your doctor through RemoteCare GP for consultations.
  • If you have any pressing medical questions you would like a professional GP or Nurse Manager to review, our eConsult service will enable you to get quick responses to your questions.

Franklyn’s telehealth services are for individuals, couples, and families.  Choose the best payment plan to suit your care needs.

Better Health Care is Our Mission

We are open from 8:00am to 8:00pm daily including weekends and holidays

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