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We Care. We are empowering our clients to better manage their health

With telehealth, we can be more responsive to your needs

“Today health is about prevention supported by either diagnostics and aftercare. Franklyn Medical RemoteCare Telehealth enables us to act quickly and personalise how we serve you”

Managed telehealth is the future of healthcare…

Franklyn Medical RemoteCare telehealth is an integrated patient-centred service.  This means you can:

  • Access your medical history and statistics
  • Engage with your GP or Specialist for real-time consultations and diagnostics
  • Book appointments with a Nurse Manager or GP for any health queries
  • Confirm your medication and collect or have it delivered
  • Complete your COVID-19 screening and access our testing lab if you are a corporate employee
  • Participate in our membership incentives

You can do all this from the comfort of your home or office and on your mobile phone or tablet

We are complimenting our regular services with our telehealth solutions

We have made it simple to get onboard with 6 simple steps

Step 1

eRegister for  Franklyn RemoteCare Telehealth Membership


Identify the service you need


Pay online or initiate your RemoteCare Telehealth Plan


Book an appointment or start your on-demand eConsult session


Consult with the doctor, nurse or specialist via our real-time RemoteCare consultation and remote diagnostics session


Review your health plan and manage your health via
MyRemoteCare™ Patient Portal

Franklyn Medical’s telehealth service is accessible & affordable for our clients whether you are local or traveling internationally.

It’s possible because we have streamlined our management activities by introducing international standard workflow processes and technology.  This means our GPS and nurses have freed up time they can spend with you.

Learn more about our integrated approach


What we Do With TeleHealth

 We bring our quality health care service to the comfort of your home or office

Payment Plan

You can buy one of our RemoteCare™ telehealth payment plans for yourself and your family or pay-per- appointment.


We offer an integrated service that enables you to combine your telehealth consultations and remote diagnostics with our clinic visits and in-patient care.


At the end of your RemoteCare consultation with your GP or Specialist, any medication prescribed for you will be ordered directly from our pharmacy.  

Our Team

Our team of professional doctors, specialists and nurses are certified and approved both locally and internationally.

Our Clients

Franklyn Medical Service’s RemoteCare™ Telehealth Services has been designed to serve all our clients.


What Are The Benefits

What Are The Benefits

Do I Have to Be A Member

Do I Have to Be A Member?

How Do I Get Consultations

How Do I Get Consultations?

Do You Have Telehealth Plans

Do You Have Telehealth Plans?

How Do I Pay

How Do I Pay?

How Do I Get Started

How Do I Get Started?

Is It A Safe Service

Is It A Safe Service?

How Do I Get Support

How Do I Get Support?

More About The Team

More About The Team?

Better Health Care is Our Mission

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