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Patient Transfer

We produce safe, convenient and dependable patient transfer service.

Covid-19 Employee & Visitor Screening for Corporate

Basic things to do keep safe during this Global Coronavirus pandemic. Click below for our tips on how to prevent covid-19. Keeping you and your family is our biggest aim.

Break the chain!!!

In-patient & Out-patient

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We Care.  We are empowering our clients to better manage their health with telehealth we can be more responsive to your needs

“Today health is about prevention supported by better diagnostics and aftercare.  Franklyn Medical RemoteCare Telehealth enables us to act quickly and personalise how we serve you”

Managed telehealth is the future of healthcare…

Franklyn Medical RemoteCare telehealth is an integrated patient-centred service.  This means you can:

  • Access your medical history and statistics
  • Engage with your GP or Specialist for real-time consultations and diagnostics
  • Book appointments with a Nurse Manager or GP for any health queries
  • Confirm your medication and collect or have it delivered
  • Complete your COVID-19 screening and access our testing lab if you are a corporate employee
  • Participate in our membership incentives

You can do all this from the comfort of your home or office and on your mobile phone or tablet

Our Services

Corporate Care

Corporate medicals, pre and post employment medicals, annual and periodic medicals

Patient Transfer

We facilitate the transfer of patients from any part of the country for medical care.


We have a well stocked pharmacy to cater for your  pharmaceutical needs

Urgent and Remote Care

We provide emergency medical care to you whether corporate or personal.

Specialist Care

We offer specialized care to our customers. Whatever your special medical needs are, we have it coverered

General Practice

We have experienced GPs ready to attend to you and your health needs where corporate or personal.

Pediatric Care

Our inhouse pediatrician will attend to your children’s healthcare needs. We have the best in the industry

Routine Checkups

Schedule your routine health checkup with us and be assured of a seamless process free of stress.

We are Committed to Your Health

For Emergencies: Call 024 6063334

Your Health Starts Here

Flexible appointments and urgent care.

Or call — 024 6063334

Better Health Care is Our Mission

We are open from 8:00am to 8:00pm daily including weekends and holidays

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